New short film: Thursday Nights

Watch the short:

This short was inspired by a true story. For weeks, I just wanted to meet up with my friend to study in my school’s library but she always bailed out last minute or she would not respond on time. So I decided to make a movie out of it.

It’s been two months since I shot this film and I’m releasing it way past it’s due date. 


The concept behind the film is, waiting. I’ve always believed that waiting for something good will get you somewhere. In a sense, Kazuya’s character represents me. In the film, he waits and waits for Shiho’s character to return but she doesn’t. Despite not showing up on their agreed time, Kazuya’s character continues to wait for her, knowing she probably won’t come due to her character’s lazy and easily distracted demeanor. 


Although waiting may be a good thing, you should always take action for what you want, even if what you want seems like the most minuscule of things. Go out there and get it! 


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