New Short - “Chapter Three - Home”

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"No matter how far away we are from home, home will always be home. Daichi and Kazuya are two exchange students from Japan. They have been studying in the United States for four years."

It was always a dream of mine to go to Tokyo, Japan. Three years ago, I planned a trip with my brother and two cousins for the trip of a life time. We planned to save a lot of money and spend it all in the biggest city in the East. Two years went by and people started to lose interest. I, however, kept that dream in the back of my mind. I saved and saved and eventually, I achieved my dream. From July 20th to July 27th, I was in Tokyo; Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, Odaiba, Akihabara, and Roppongi became my home, the trains became my mode of transportation and the food became something my stomach got used to. Everything was different there. The smell, the sights, the people and even the sky was different. 

This short was inspired by those experiences. I couldn’t put everything I wanted into the film but it’s an accumulation of everything I did and experienced during my short stay in Japan. Kazuya represents someone who has lived in the United States and has grown up breathing the American lifestyle. Daichi represents someone who has just arrived in the US and is trying to adapt to the American lifestyle. Each person likes and dislikes something about the US but in the end, it will never be the same as their home. Fun fact, neither of the actors were from Tokyo. 

Chapter Three - Home

Written and Directed by Jeremy Santiago 

Produced through MashUpStudios

Kazuya Hatta
Daichi Sasaki

Special Guest appearances:
Kaori Yamakita
Kazuki Okado

Shot on location in Tokyo, Japan

Featuring music from “Hula Girls” (フラガール) Dir. Sang Il Lee with music by Jake Shimabukuro


A MashUpStudios Production.







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