New Short: Cloudy Days 흐린’날’

"Sometimes, we’re so far away from our loved ones that we feel as though they are "missing" from our lives."

Idea: There are always two sides to one story. After the success of my last film, I wanted to make a companion piece with Chole, the second girl in the video. I needed to come up with an idea. In contrast, they’re both different. I looked at The Red String of Fateagain and picked out that it’s about finding a new love and starting something new. Cloudy Daysis about being with someone far away and missing home. Please enjoy!

The companion piece to “The Red String of Fate”

Written and Directed by Jeremy Santiago
Produced by Eojin Lee and Jeremy Santiago
Featuring: Eojin Lee and Dawa Seo

이 영화를 이어진, 신평강님께 바칩니다.


Be sure to check out: “The Red String of Fate”

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