New Short: “The Red String of Fate”

Watch the short: here

I’ve always wanted to do a Korean drama. One day I was scrolling down tumblr and I came across this post. This is my take on a Korean drama-narrative. It took two weeks of pre-production, one day of shooting (one hour of shooting in that one day) and another three hours of editing in Final Cut Pro X. After doing “The Fate of Cheating” and “Happy Water,” I became interested in doing films in other languages. I began to take inspiration from “My Sassy Girl” for camera angles and Wong Fu Productions’ “HK: The One Days” for dialogue.

I really wanted to add an artistic feel to the film. No music meant that all your senses would be directed towards Dawa. Your ears are attuned to her voice. Your eyes would follow her. The sounds of the city were very important because they conveyed the mood. Standard color correction helped create the mood and setting for the film.

San Francisco State University Front
Cesar Chavez Student Center


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